Dizzy Feet Dance Studio

Wedding Dance Lessons

Dizzy Feet offers lessons to couples who want to prepare for their first dance. The instructor will listen to the couple's choice of song and choose a dance style that matches the music. The dance moves will be chosen to suit the couple's desired level of difficulty. Many couples simply want to avoid embarrassing themselves and want to keep their moves simple. Other couples might want to try their hand at some more advanced dance moves. Whatever your preference, Dizzy Feet will ensure that you will be prepared and ready to make the most of your first dance.

Our wedding package includes:

5x1 hour one-on-one instruction sessions. 

These sessions are usually done on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Unlike most studios, you will have the entire dance space to yourselves. We believe you shouldn't have to to be distracted or feel self-conscious with other people taking lessons simultaneously.

2 group beginner classes (Mondays 7pm)

If you are not confident after 5 private lessons we will throw in more private lessons at no extra cost.

The 2017 price is R2000

A once-off 1 hour private lesson is R500

You may decide after the first lesson whether you would like to pay for a once-off or include it as part of the package.

Tim- Wedding Dance Instructor